Tales from Domina's Valley Release

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Tales from Domina's Valley Release

That's it guys, chapter four has been released!
A bit of extra and exclusive information:
Buck Gordon is the owner of a huge logistic company.
He works surrounded by gorgeous girls and his behavior is extreme: sometimes he acts like a perfect businessman, sometimes acts as a pervert.
Vivian is his relative, one of his countless step-sisters, who helps him out at the office one at the "Trash Can". 
There are also other interesting places were we're going to find him, Monique, Vivian, Alex, and Natasha, his younger step-sister not seen in this chapter.
Monique works for him for about 3 months, and Alex seem charmed by her but this is really normal, she is cute, funny, gorgeous and stands at magnificent 6'5" (195cm) on her high heels.
Alex is a tall guy, a nice worker but the poor guy suffer with Monique, she is always playing with him. Yeah... lucky guy...
See you guys.

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