Focus on: Ricky Java – The Living Legend!

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Focus on: Ricky Java – The Living Legend!

As far as I can rember, Ricky Java was out there producing astonishing beautiful busty girls for us. [read more...]

Nowadays he runs a yahoo group that he keeps updated at least once a week. There you can find almost anything thanks also to the several links on the homepage. He created thousands of renders, from stills to short stories and almost one hundred (!) of busty goddesses short 3D  animation movies.

His girls are usually elegant, stacked and wear very high heels. They have a pair of breasts at least bigger than their head (some could even reach their knee), small waists and nice round asses. When they interact with male figures are never shorter, but usually taller like triumphant busty amazons.

His technique has improved with time and he is very talented to create either 3D images or movies.

Most of you already knew him but maybe you missed this precious resource.

To join a yahoo group you must have a yahoo account  (that you can create for free).

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