About Us

About this site

This is a site created from fans of Giantesses and dedicated to all the Giantesses lovers. If you like to see girls grow taller and bustier: this is your site. Its goal is to gather the finest giantess art on the web and their authors to be shown to all the giantesses fans around the world. Its concept is to make this fetish flourish and stimulate artists to work more on their passion thanks to the revenue they get from the shop. Even the free galleries will contribute as ‘stimulus’ to create more, exchanging techniques and ideas. It’s an ambitious project and we hope the community will enjoy it. About our artists:

Alex GTS Artist

I started creating my first 3D story during 2008 thanks to a kick start by Tetsu who thought me how to use Poser in just 3 words. Since then I like to improve the visual quality of my works. During these years I created other stories and they are all posted on this site. After being jobless for a year I decided to dedicate myself fulltime into the Giantess world. This is how this project started and how I invested a lot of time and money to create this site. I’m also improving my digital paintings skills maybe one day I will be able to post drawings and not just renders!