• Bigger Better Clones 2

    Jake, Chloe, Kelly and the Kelly clones are back!  This time little Kelly and big Kelly start to change in a different way, to their opposite size and beyond!  What kind of sexual fun will Jake and Chloe have with their Kelly clones?  What will...
  • Ray's Secret (Part One and Two)

    A giant Brenda in Rays Secret Two
    A beautiful shrinking and growth love story by the Pepper Pair! Brenda and Ray have a lovers’ quarrel as they explore some size-changing fun.   Part One: Brenda finds out that her love interest Ray has a secret identity – Mini-Man! While Brenda is...
  • Thar BE GTS 2

    Giantess ahoy! Thar be the sequel of Thar Be GTS! The super sexy size changing female pirate crew is back with more sexual size changing fun! This time the Amulet of Tiny comes into play as rival female pirate Captain Merkins brings shrinking mischief and sex...
  • A change of Attitude - Eternity

    Even the strongest and oldest relationships may fall apart. And this is what happens to our guys in this episode. Ariel the troublemaker succeeds in causing the breakup between Sylvia and Ian, while Deli and Rei throw their friendship away because of Attitude...
  • Power Sauce

    One more ZZZ story goes from story to full on comic!  Power Sauce is the story of Julie, a sexy girl who has a crush on her roommate Carl. The problem is Carl only likes tall women, and Julie is very short!  A visit to a crazed doctor in the woods...
  • Filling the Ranks

    This story has taken me 4 YEARS to make (You might have seen old versions of the first few dozen pages floating around, but they stop before any action starts...).4 years, man, I'm getting old... :) The story focuses on private Anne Torres - a small woman...
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  • Pixie No More 5

    Pixie No More 5
    Pixie No More 5 is bigger and busting out with 25 pages!  Sir Grindalot, the sex craving pixies and all their crazy friends are back!  The start of the new chapters has the characters adventuring on different paths with plenty of size changing...
  • Domina's Valley Ch.13

    Domina's Valley 13 - The Winter Rose ©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part THREE - Tropical Winter   Even as a tropical paradise, Domina's Valley and its surroundings are quiet by the winter. Some of our beloved girls are travelling, but...
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  • Spaced Hunters

    What do you do when sexy giantess aliens are terrorizing the galaxy?  You call Vaaaance Everhard and the Spaced Hunters! Vance would probably show up for the giantess sex and then leave before she wakes up anyway.  Vance and his crew find themselves...
  • Summer Rain Shelter Donation Gift Box

    This is not a story or a sequence! This is a donation, the suggested donation is 2$ (you can change it after clicking "add to cart") but you can donate as much as you want (minimum donation is 1$).**NEW: Now includes 10 exclusive images from...
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