• College Grown 3

    The growing college students are back, and this time more teachers are getting into the growing fun! Ariana experiences a new side effect of the meteor rocks! And the students continue getting bigger too specially during sex! How big will they get? And the...
  • A Vial of Lies - Lies & Truth

    A Vial of Lies - Lies & TruthThey say nothing is impossible when you are in love. This is very true for Kyle, who comes up with a growing serum just to please her childhood friend Val. His dream seems to be fulfilled when they make up. But as Val gets...
  • Domina's Valley Ch.15

    Domina's Valley 15 - Something Missing ©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part THREE - Tropical Winter A golden statue, a couple of old scripts, a red necklace and tons of boobs. What does it mean? To Veronica, it is the Vampire Princes, but we know who she really...
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  • Mountain Girls Part Two

    More Giantess fun by Bojay! Two cute hillbilly girls drink jugs of grow juice to get bigger and sexier for their guy! In Part Two: Daisey Lou and Joleen continue their battle as fifty foot tall giantesses! Joleen steals the clothes from a pond full of bathing...
  • Sizeable Tales 4

    The fourth volume collecting three sexy size changing comics in one comic! One of the three is our first 3D comic since 3 years ago, another is our longest mini comic yet, and the third is illustrated and colored by the Farm Grown team! Amazons vs Ants is...
  • Mountain Girls Part One

    A Giantess Growth comic by Bojay! Two cute hillbilly girls drink jugs of grow juice to get bigger and sexier for their guy! Plot Summary: Skinny little Daisey Lou uses some hillbilly grow juice to attract her man Billy Bob. Her rival Joleen starts...
  • Once in a lifetime

    Taking the train everyday to go to work and back home can be pretty annoying... But what if this gives you the chance for a special meeting? When Marissa strikes up a conversation with Anthony, he can't believe it: she's sexy and tall just as he likes and...
  • Big Book of Breast Expension

    Big Book of Breast Expansion
    A fun collection of short stories and one-page pinups featuring giantesses and top-heavy ladies. The stories include: Wonder Woman turns into a GTS bimbo, and threatens to squish a shrunken Superman; a skinny girl wins the Booby Prize at the county fair...
  • Jurassic GTS 3

    The highly requested sequel is finally here and with a fantastic new art team!  Mercenaries have invaded the island, but what are they after?  The dinosaurs...or something bigger?  And the dinosaurs continue their attack!  The giantesses...
  • Vitamin Z

    Mouse is about to get a lot less mousy!  Maxine is often teased by her friends and nicknamed Mouse for her small waif like body and timid personality. Then her new Vitamin Z pills get microwaved, and Mouse grows to the size of a moose!  With her new...

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