• Mountain Girls Part One

    A Giantess Growth comic by Bojay! Two cute hillbilly girls drink jugs of grow juice to get bigger and sexier for their guy! Plot Summary: Skinny little Daisey Lou uses some hillbilly grow juice to attract her man Billy Bob. Her rival Joleen starts...
  • Once in a lifetime

    Taking the train everyday to go to work and back home can be pretty annoying... But what if this gives you the chance for a special meeting? When Marissa strikes up a conversation with Anthony, he can't believe it: she's sexy and tall just as he likes and...
  • Big Book of Breast Expension

    Big Book of Breast Expansion
    A fun collection of short stories and one-page pinups featuring giantesses and top-heavy ladies. The stories include: Wonder Woman turns into a GTS bimbo, and threatens to squish a shrunken Superman; a skinny girl wins the Booby Prize at the county fair...
  • Jurassic GTS 3

    The highly requested sequel is finally here and with a fantastic new art team!  Mercenaries have invaded the island, but what are they after?  The dinosaurs...or something bigger?  And the dinosaurs continue their attack!  The giantesses...
  • Vitamin Z

    Mouse is about to get a lot less mousy!  Maxine is often teased by her friends and nicknamed Mouse for her small waif like body and timid personality. Then her new Vitamin Z pills get microwaved, and Mouse grows to the size of a moose!  With her new...
  • No Meat Please

    From the original ZZZ written stories, No Meat Please begins!  Tom and his vegetarian girlfriend Misty have been dating for a while, but Tom can't take much more of Misty's lack of sex drive.  Misty acceidentally has some meat and things...
  • Domina's Valley Ch.13

    Domina's Valley 14 - Cold Reception ©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part THREE - Tropical Winter   Come with our growing girls for another sexy adventure in Domina's Valley, chapter 14, with a lot of female growth scenes and height...
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  • Island Grown 2

      The next installment of the Grown series is here, and by the Farm Grown 3 team! Michelle is growing much bigger than anyone on the island, proving that she is the biggest bitch around! How will they survive her tormenting, will she grow even bigger and...
  • B.A.D. SchoolGirls

    Three beautiful but dangerous schoolgirls are punished by their teacher for bullying their classmate. They will trick him and he will lose control of the situation. He will try to get back in control but just when this happens the girls will start to grow...
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  • Fountain of Growth 2

    By popular demand, the written ZZZ story turned comic, Fountain of Growth, continues, this time with sex!  Michelle narrowly escapes mind control at the hands of Roy, while Roys employer, the evil elder woman Mei Fan grows her female competitors into her...

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