• Growing Circle 4

    The Growing Circle gang is back and their rivals are outgrowing them while they are shrinking! The rival witches are becoming gigantic while shrinking Callie, Dina, Anna, Lisa and Dom so small they end up in a microscopic world…with size changing...
  • Girls that Grow 3

    Girls that grow 4
    This is the hottest growth comic I have made so far, I think. In the first part, the five girls - or especially two of them - continue with the action in the auditorium. The escapee is punished with some delightful boob-action. After that, we follow Kendra to...
  • Comic Con Part One

    Comic Con one Giantess Comic
    32 pages, Color, $9.99Giantess, Shrinking MenArtwork by Bojay A fun Giantess / Shrinking Men comic featuring  sexy cosplay ladies at the comic convention. Art by Bojay with colors by the Pepper Pair. Story Summary: After an overbearing Thor...
  • a Vial of Lies 3 - Confessions

    The Halloween party is over, but everybody is still having fun with Kyle’s potions. Everybody except for Val, who is burning with jealousy watching Roberta getting taller and taller. When she finds out Roberta has discovered her secret and she is the one to...
  • Domina's Valley Ch.17

    Domina's Valley 17 - Suspicious Reflections ©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part THREE - Tropical Winter   Images: 314 Size: 158 MB Resolution: 1920 x 1080 px Type: jpg   After a long week making more necklaces to hide her real objective,...
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  • Girls that Grow 2

    girls that grow a lot of muscles
    In the empty auditorium, Mandy, who has just grown into a muscular giantess, has her way with little Donald. Then she decides the potion is so awesome that she wants to share it. She finds her four female friends, playing basketball, and tells them what...
  • Big & Fit

    Val has a big, loving, but rough boyfriend named Ken and she ends up needing physical therapy.  There she meets Rhea, a woman that promises Val she will be able to handle Ken.   Val also meets Gina, a tall slightly fit woman that teases Val for...
  • Just a little bit - the final chapters (#4,5,6)

    Just a little bit - chapters 4,5,6
    It took me a very long while, but this story is finally complete. I've been working on this story, on and off, since early 2009 - which is both insane and incredible. 7 years later, and it is, at long last, complete. I can't tell you how big of a relief that...
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  • Girls that Grow

    girls that grow
    Donald is a genius first year chemistry student who spends all his nights in a forgotten lab at his college. One night, he is visited and humiliated by Mandy, a girl taller and obviously stronger than him. Donald applies his chemistry knowledge to developing...
  • Sizeable Tales 6

    Sizeable Tales 6 is here and 24 pages! The sixth volume collecting three sexy size changing comics in one comic! Double Dice follows the story of one nerdy guy named Jim who is playing a board game with his cute female nerdy friend Valerie.  Her two sexy...

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