Bigger Better Clones

Bigger Better Clones

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Jake is a frustrated teacher, he has a crush on his beautiful student Kelly, but he knows it's against the rules. What's the solution? Use the experimental cloning machine on Kelly! He also makes some adjustments making the Kelly clone more dominant, much taller and bustier.  Big Kelly is made and she's bigger and more dominant than he expected! Right in the middle of having sexual fun with Big Kelly, Jake is busted by his other student and best friend of Kelly, Chloe!  Chloe has a crush on Kelly and blackmails Jake into making a clone smaller than the original Kelly, but also bustier and more subservient.  Little Kelly is made! Things get out of control when Big Kelly starts growing bigger and Little Kelly starts getting smaller!  And what about when original Kelly finds out?  This comic contains clones, growth, shrinking, GTS, mini gts, shrinking woman, clothes ripping and shoe busting, shrinking out of clothes and shoes, light dominance and submissive scenes, spanking, female growth during sex with regular size man, female shrinking during female on female sexual activities, shrunken woman oral on normal size woman, cum shot on face and breasts, normal size man oral on mini giantess and more!

Growth and shrinking are caused by clone side effect.  All images are 2550x3300. Written by ZZZ, lines by Nemesys, colors by Francesca Piscitelli.  

Collectors Edition is 52 pages, includes all 22 normal pages as well as 22 pages without text . Pencil character sketches for the 3 main female characters, a making of page showing the 4 steps of the comic page creation process featuring a girl on girl shrinking woman page from Bigger Better Clones.  A full color preview page of A Growing World featuring one of the main sexy female characters experiencing the growth chemical by growing during mastrubation with clothes ripping, A full color preview of Pixie No More 2 featuring the main characters of Pixie No More and the two small pixies being friendly with Grindalot's cock.  And two 3 stage sequences, a 3 stage growth sequence of Mary from Jekyll Hyde U 1 and 2 growing to giantess size and for the first time from ZZZ Comics a 3 stage shrinking out of clothes sequence of Denise from Atlas Touch 1 and 2 both drawn by Oscar Celestini and colored by Francesca Piscitelli!

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