Domina's Valley 26

Domina's Valley 26

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Season 5: Summer in the Heights
Chapter 26 – It was Just a Dream

•Standartd Edition: U$D 4 (pictures & text) 

•Plus Edition: U$D 5 (pictures & text + pictures only + bonus renders)

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Somehow, morning dawns at Domina's Valley as if nothing has happened...  

Consider that most of the attendants are suffering from a heavy hangover, remembering nothing that happened last night. Yet the other half relate vague weird dreams, so, something definitely happened... right? Joy's unleashing wasn't a temporary space/time breaking event, so she left a couple of gifts and curses behind that many of them won't even notice while others might regret...

If at least someone could suspect what had truly happened... 

Well, someone does! 

*WARNING – This story contains only a small growth sequence, one "deflation" sequence, and some offstage shrinking and body difference (compared to the last chapter). This is a more plot-wise oriented chapter. 

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