Domina's Valley Ch.1 EN

Domina's Valley Ch.1 EN

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Tales from Domina's Valley - Part ONE | A Pretty BIG Girl - Chapter 1 - Professor Tyson's Prologue.

Peter Tyson is a professor whose reputation is one of the best in the country. He had won a prize with his theory of induced evolution and also has a great ability to deal with all kind of students. He was invited to teach in an university of a city with a strange name... Domina's Valley. Unfortunately, this name rings a bell of a mythical place where women were like the most gorgeous giantesses, real living goddesses. He tried to ignore that issue, but what happens when he discovers that women are taller and hotter than average in that city? This is a small chapter of a far large story, recommended to those who love large stories of big girls interacting with average size guys and not just growing sequences.

This is the Secon Edition of this story, revised and with a brand new high quality render.

Bonus: wallpaper 1920 x 1080 px included


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