Domina's Valley Ch.15

Domina's Valley Ch.15

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Domina's Valley 15 - Something Missing

©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part THREE - Tropical Winter

A golden statue, a couple of old scripts, a red necklace and tons of boobs. What does it mean?

To Veronica, it is the Vampire Princes, but we know who she really is, the fact is that she holds something that she shouldn't: an amulet almost as powerful as the Goddess Mark.

And surprise, it is a corrupted relic! The precious one even speaks!

After an humiliating height measuring season, Patricia gets the new toy to play with, involving Vivian, Jana an Eden in the role.

The poor girl will soon find out that SHE is the toy.

Maybe there's something missing.

There is an special dream growth sequence in this one, if you want to see how Patricia could be grown into an amazon this is the time. The rest is a special surprise ;)

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