Giantess Dream 2

Giantess Dream 2

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Season 1: Giantess Origins
Chapter 2 – Scarlet Hook 

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A couple of decades ago, in the middle of the country, lies a beautiful region known as the Middle Countryside.
There, at Countryside City, Professor Stanley Widefield teaches subjects linked to his specialties, History and Law.
He has a very peculiar student fan, always present with his great lectures, Peter S. Tyson, who finds out his idol professor is leaving the city and his local career.
"Pete" questions why, but he finds a gorgeous reason behind it.
That will empower his hidden obsession: taller girls. I wonder how it would end...
This story is more plot-related and counts with ONE very noticeable growth sequence, the official introduction of new characters, and a lot of development in the background plot.

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