Goddesszilla 2

Goddesszilla 2

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Goddesszilla 2 - the origin of Bigzilla and continuation of Goddesszilla 1! Find out how Bigzilla grew from the simple humble mayors wife to the ravishing, sexy busty and enormous redheaded Bigzilla! The story of Lynn and Karen continues with Lynn taking some super size revenge on Karen! The city and the mega monsters such as Uber Man and Buttera take some punishment from the two giantess growing and fighting each other and then directly from the giantess as well! Meanwhile Sho tries to find a way to make Karen even bigger and decides to test the new method on sex crazed blogger Sheila, making her one very big, very sexy and very aroused mini giantess! This comic contains growth, giantess, clothes ripping, shoe busting, car crushing, building busting, city destruction, sticky wrap busting through growth, mega monster crushing under foot and hand, oral sex from large giantess, sex and oral with mini giantess, normal size man squeezed between oral from one giantess and breasts from another giantess and more!

Growth is caused by radioactive goo and Monsterfier X weapon. All images 2550x3300. Story by ZZZ. Art by Lufidelis. Painted cover by Durandus. This is in PDF format.

Holiday special! Collectors Edition is normal edition price! Collectors Edition is 50 pages and includes all 22 normal page as well as all 22 pages without text. Pencil character sketch page for the original characters, and pencil character sketch page for Bigzilla in her 3 different looks, pencil page featuring the growth scene in the goo. A full color preview of A Growing World - Family Life featuring the mother of the family growing in size to discipline her disobedient daughter while dad looks on. A full color preview of Jekyll Hyde U 2 featuring 2 of the new female characters and Mary squeezing her breasts onto the face of one of the new girls. And a sneak peek at the 2014 ZZZ Comics Calendar featuring the giantess Sleeping Beauty sketch image, and the giantess Rapunzel color sketch image!

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