I'm Still Growing 2

I'm Still Growing 2

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Now it's Kelly's turn to grow while spending some intimate time with Sue's brother Eric! Kelly is 19 years old but she's still growing!  She's getting taller and curvier and her sexual appetite is growing too! And how big is Sue going to grow?  And who will grow the biggest between sexy couple Laura and Sally when they visit the growth causing factory?  Will they be able to keep their hands off each other? Building size giantesses and more in I'm Still Growing 2! This comic contains giantess, breast growth, extra large breast growth, ass growth, height growth, slow growth to fast growth, clothes ripping, sandal busting, oral sex from tall woman to normal size man while tall woman is growing, normal size man breast groping growing woman, female masturbation, two women growing during masturbation, mini giantess titty fucking normal size man, mini giantess growth to larger mini giantess during sex with normal size man, house filling growth knocking over furniture, giantess outgrowing house, male face smothered by giantess growing breasts, male body smothered by growing giantess ass, hand held man being kissed by building size giantess, normal size man in giantess cleavage,  and more!

Collectors Edition includes all text and no text pages, illustrated pin up of a mini giantess size Candy from Gigante Lake by Hsefra and Cexi which will be our exclusive printed pin up available at Amazing Las Vegas 2017, creation process page showing the raw render, the finished render and the post worked render, and advanced full color 2 panel preview of Bigness Cream 2 featuring female growth with clothes ripping growth while covered in slime and more!

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