Not So Little Red Riding Hood Text and No Text

Not So Little Red Riding Hood Text and No Text

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This file contains both the 61 pages with 86 images(Some pages have two images on one page) normal version and the 86 pages no text version.  This is for people who want both the images with story and also the images without any text on them, or just want to help support my stories. The no text version has the dual image pages split into individual pages.

Not So Little Red Riding Hood is the first from the new series, "ZZZ's Growing Tales"  that will be a giantess and or female muscle growth take on a famous tale, TV show or movie.

The story is about Red, a 19 year old girl who is always jumped by Wolf(a human male that might look like a famous character). Wolf just wants her candy, but Red wants much more from Wolf. She enlists the help of Uno who gives her a magic  necklace.  The necklace lets Red have complete control over her body shape and size. She uses it to get sexier, taller and stronger.  But theres a side effect to the necklace, it gives much more than expected, and makes her super aroused too!

There is growing throughout most of the comic, as well as oral and sex.

The story contains female growth, clothes ripping, beauty enhancement(from short skinny woman to voluptuous tall woman), height growth, medium muscle growth and large female muscle growth, breast growth, ass growth, foot growth.  Red goes from short and skinny to tall and voluptuous, and later to tall and muscular, and then mini giantess amazon, and finally 55 foot tall giantess. Hand held giantess action at the end and human insertion into vagina at the very end(only down to his shoulders). No blood or injuries.

The images have dialogue or narration detailing the events, and the before and after height of Red is displayed after she finishes growing. There is also onomatopoeia text such as "RRRIP!" "SHRED!" "SWELL!" etc.
All characters are 18 or older.  Images are widescreen size, 1920x1080 or both 1920x1080 and 960x1080 if you get the no text version.

2 preview images of The Growing Circle 2 The TTT are included as well as a bonus unused image from Not So Little Red Riding Hood.

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