Sizeable Tales 4

Sizeable Tales 4

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The fourth volume collecting three sexy size changing comics in one comic! One of the three is our first 3D comic since 3 years ago, another is our longest mini comic yet, and the third is illustrated and colored by the Farm Grown team!

Amazons vs Ants is our longest mini comic yet! It takes place on a college campus overrun by giant ants! When the students fight back, the ant blood starts making the female students bigger, stronger, and sexier - and hornier! This comic contains giantess, fmg, clothes ripping, shoe busting, breast growth, ass growth, height growth, women in peril, amazon wrestling giant ant, and oral sex to giantess from normal size woman!

Time Grown 2 is drawn and colored by the Farm Grown team and is set in a prehistoric age, where man must struggle to survive, and to impress hot sexy cavewomen. While the simple caveman may at first be ignored by hot sexy cavewomen, things quickly change when he is exposed to shiny meteor rocks. Soon he gets a little too big and too excited and then he finds the two cavewomen growing much bigger than a brontosaurus and sexier than anything he's ever seen! This comic contains giantess, clothes ripping, male muscle, height and penis growth, male growth during masturbation, full body cum shot on women, two giantess on giant man sex and more!

Not in Oz Anymore is our first 3D comic in several years! Dora is a sexy cheerleader who has pissed off her fellow cheerleader and roommate Marie by partying too loud. Now she finds herself bound in ropes, and under tickle torture and humiliation by sexy busty Marie! Little does Marie know that Dora has a pair of red slippers handed down in her family, red slippers that grant her any wish, including growing bigger and getting revenge! This comic contains giantess, clothes ripping, beauty enhancement, ass growth, height growth, breast growth, humiliation, tickling, breast smothering, ass smothering, giantess having her way with normal size woman and more!

Growth is caused by ant goo, meteor, cum shot, sexual arousal, and red ruby slippers. All characters are 18 or older. Amazons vs Ants story by ZZZ, art by MuscleMachineStudio. Time Grown 2 story by ZZZ, lines by HSefra, colors by David Delanty. Not in Oz Anymore story by ZZZ, art by Studio AD.

Collectors Edition is our biggest Sizeable Tales yet at 62 pages! It includes all text and no text images, a 3 stage growth sequence of Carrie from Jurassic GTS 3 by Pop Lee, Amazons vs Ants inked page featuring panty ripping FMG growth, Amazons vs Ants alternate colorist page, Time Grown skecth pages, Time Grown ink page featuring giantess giving oral sex to smaller size giant man and causing growth, Not in Oz Anymore alternate cover featuring both sexy cheerleaders, advanced full color preview of Grow Fighter One, right from Sizeable Tales Grow Fighter One is being made into a complete comic, the preview page is featuring clothes ripping FMG growth, and advanced full color preview of Massive City 2 mini comic featuring giantess clothes ripping and building damage from growth while fighting a super hero and more!

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