Something In The Water - The Arrival Text and No Text

Something In The Water - The Arrival Text and No Text

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This file contains both the 154 pages normal version and the 154 page no text version.  This is for people who want both the images with story and also the images without any text on them, or just want to help support my stories.

Something In The Water The Arrival is the second chapter of the series and answers some of the questions from part 1, and opens up new mysteries.  It continues where part 1 left off, Nikki is about to test out her new strength and size, but is it enough?  There's still more glowing blue water in that mug!

The story also introduces Tommy a 19 year old guy who is tasked with baby sitting a very bratty but sexy 18 year old girl.  What happens when they both get exposed to the water? Let' just say Tommy might regret spanking Mary Sue, or will he?

The third part of the story introduces Nikki's sister Rebecca, and she teams up with Chris the spanish teacher from part 1. They explore a mysterious laboratory to find out more about what happened to Jasmine and more about Sarah, Nikki and Rebecca's once presumed dead sister, who may not be dead after all. Rebecca and Chris end up in a very small closet pressed up against each other where Rebecca's eyes begin to glow, and the closet and Rebecca's clothes start feeling much more confined! There is plenty of sex in this chapter too, and one girl growing during a 3 way!

There are 5 growth scenes, 1 of the girls grows then returns to normal then grows again, and when they grow, they grow taller, bustier and much more muscular.

The story contains female growth, medium muscle growth and large female muscle growth, breast growth, ass growth, foot growth, clothes ripping, height growth,
guy on amazon sexual activities, amazon on tall girl on short guy sexual activities, amazon mini giantess giving oral to guy, amazon mini giantess giving oral to another amazon mini giantess, 3 way between large muscular 10' amazon, a woman who grows from 5'10" to 20' tall muscular amazon and 4'8" man.  The girls grow to tall woman height, then mini giantess, and one to giantess for a couple images(Occurs in a dream sequence), between 8'-20' and then another to 10 feet tall by the end of the story.  All the girls grow more muscular to different extents, but still retain a feminine shape and large breasts.  The growing is caused by drinking the mysterious blue tap water, and one girl grows after encountering a very mysterious creature in a lab.
Most of the images have dialogue or narration detailing the events, and the before and after height of each character is displayed after they finish growing.
All characters are 18 or older.  All images are widescreen size, 1920x1080.

4 bonus images are included as a preview for the following chapter also.

                                                             - Female Muscle Growth Content -                                                      

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