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    Kinky Kong Part Two

    24 pages, Black & White
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    Kinky Kong

    A fun Giantess / Female Growth / Breast Enlargement comic by Bojay. Explorer Jeena visits an African village and take a strange potion that turns her into a Giantess version of King Kong.
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    Bojays Giantess Cartoons Two

    Another great collection of giantess cartoons by Bojay, this time in color!
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    Superguy vs the Teen Terrors

    Superguy vs the Teen Terrors
    28 pages, Black & White, US$8.99Shrinking Men, Giantess
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    Comic Con Part One

    Comic Con one Giantess Comic
    32 pages, Color, $9.99Giantess, Shrinking Men
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    Starlet Stripe Part Three

    Giantess Muscle Girl Rosie
    30 pages, Color and B&W, US$9.99
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    Yard Work Part Fourteen

    Mom gets big in Yard Work Fourteen!
    31 pages, Color, US$9.99Giantess, Mini_Giantess
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    Alex GTS Patreon Page

    Hi guys, Recently I started my Patreon page (link), you can get a lot for a very low pledge. Patreon is a place where you support the works you like and you can receive works and exclusive stories for your support. I update the page with new content every month and there is also an exclusive story:
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    Mountain Girls Part One

    A Giantess Growth comic by Bojay! Two cute hillbilly girls drink jugs of grow juice to get bigger and sexier for their guy!
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    Big Book of Breast Expension

    Big Book of Breast Expansion
    A fun collection of short stories and one-page pinups featuring giantesses and top-heavy ladies. The stories include:
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    Bojay’s Muscle Growth Comics

    40 pages, Black & WhiteUS$ 7.99Female Muscle Growth, GiantessArtwork by Bojay
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