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    Unstable Growth 13 - The Experiment

    The next installment of our incredible size changing girl
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    Wild Weekend 2

    In this installment of "Wild Weekend" both girls awaken to find they have not completely reverted back to their original heights and shapes, both retaining their curviness. While Elena is a bit surprised, both are generally okay with this.
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    2 Hours More

    He gets a visit from his step-sister just when his girlfriend grew 8 feet tall. How will he handle this situation? In this story there will be present growth sequences including height growth, legs growth, breast expansion, ass growth and a little bit of shrinking. Particular care was made for clothes: they will get smaller as the girls grow to new sizes.
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    Jessica & Michael

    A girl goes trough a second puberty at the age of 19. In 5 years she changes not only phisically but also mentally. The story goes along this long period with "slices of life" scenes depicting her cuter, taller and bustier as her life goes on. Status: ongoing.
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    Animated Gifs

    **** WARNING THESE ANIMATIONS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS **** Click on them to see them animated.
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