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    No Meat Please

    From the original ZZZ written stories, No Meat Please begins!  Tom and his vegetarian girlfriend Misty have been dating for a while, but Tom can't take much more of Misty's lack of sex drive.  Misty acceidentally has some meat and things change in a big and growing way!
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    Gigante Lake

    Want to be noticed? Sexier? Bigger? The models of Gigante Lake did, so they decided to try the experimental Gigante Drink! Every day at the cabin by the lake they drink it and the girls grow sexier and bigger, clothes tighter and smaller on their bodies because of it.
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    Farm Grown 2

    The crazy growing farmers daughters are back! What happens when the girls start drinking the giant cows milk? This time around the action continues right from part 1, three way in the barn between Kim and her two new friends, motel outgrowing action with Pam and then there is the new farm girl, Sue the neighbor.
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    The Atlas Touch

    Be careful what you wish for...or what someone else wishes for you! Beautiful Lily makes a wish at the wishing well for Russ, not knowing what kind of big trouble she just made for him and herself! Anytime Russ, who works at a local Spa and Gym, touches a woman she grows taller and stronger, and the more he touches the stronger the effect!
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    Night Haven Size Swap

    What makes Ophelia such a desireable and unique Succubus? Not only can she take on the physical shape and appearance of the woman someone desires most by touching them, she can also drain their size during sex or give away her size!
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