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Reboots suck!

Reboots suck!

Hello GTS fans, readers, sympathizers and fellow weirdoes… Funky spice is coming to the end of it’s 3rd act and I think its time for me to touch base with you once again about what is coming up. Beginning with a little something about how the creative writing process goes.


Dear readers,

Here is a short list of projects I had for the comic universe that are being cancelled or postponed:

Making stories of Comic proportions. Part 2

Hi everyone,

Now that you know how I got into it, maybe you would like to know a little more about HOW I do it...

Building stories of comics proportions

Giantess, amazons, foot and crush fetish, physical transformations of various kinds… fans and artists of all those genres converge more or less to the same communities. How did we get into those particular deviations and what exactly sparks our interests or sometimes, arousal? Which detail, what story or situation?

June IS different!

Hey you all, I thought I would make a blog post to explain how things happened this month. First about FUNKY SPICE #6 BEING FREE… I thought it was time for the people who have been hesitant to follow the story to get a new sample, obviously there has been some work done with the layouts, the bubbles and the general image quality in the comic.