BluePhone - Day One

BluePhone - Day One

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Blue Phone is a slow growth story. All the events will occur during a period of 10 days.

This is the first day where it all begins.

The first chapter will explore the life of a guy, Ralph Ceresbane, who’s got in possession of a peculiar phone able to alter reality. Being “one of us” he will use it to change the shape of Chantelle,  a girl that he was always fond of. Things however got soon out of control as he didn’t really think about all the consequences of his commands. Although in this part of the story female characters don’t get to be giantess (yet), there are very detailed sequences of height growth, legs growth, and breast expansion. Growth happens both on and off stage. 

This is a story for those who love slow growth and enjoy savoring every moment of it. It’s plot rich and will bring you in a world where girls are changing and growing every moment of the day: nothing will be like before anymore.

How one guy’s lust and his fantasy for growing girls and breast expansion will deal with society when things start to get real? What  will he need to do to live his dream life? An almost godlike power he never thought it was possible is now literally in his hands. All this power, however, comes at a price: will he be ready to pay for it?

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