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2 Hours Ago

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She was a short girl that after eating some weird mushrooms had a huge growth spurt that lasted 2 hours. Watch her gradually become a giantess and increasing her curves while her sweater becomes shorter and shorter.

In this set a picture of her is taken every six minutes. Every six minutes she is bigger, her legs longer, her curves rounder.


This work contains: mini giantess theme, height growth, legs growth, breast expansion, height comparison, a bit of hips/ass growth and slimming waist.


Images were carefully posed for hours and rendered via octane engine, I tried my best to create good quality images with great care for every detail (particularly hands and expressions), a work that took me hundreds of hours. I’m also pretty sure that you will find a render that you particularly love, and I highly suggest you to observe renders carefully.

There are 20 renders telling the story while the extra 10 renders show an ‘animation’ of her growth. The sequence was created with a camera movement that enhance their difference (it could look like he is shrinking while she grows) and particularly care was taken to their feet so they won’t slide on the ground avoiding an effect that would look unnatural.


It’s sold at just 2 dollars and it’s a good deal for its quality. It also helps me greatly this month since I moved, I’ve a lot of expenses and I’ve no other job so I decided to dedicate myself full time to our “giantess passion”.


Enjoy and share your thoughts after you read it!

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Nice story and price but if

Nice story and price but if you really need the money and are going to be working full time in comics i sugget you start working on jessica and michael #15 i dont care if i have to pay for it but pleaaaaase its been too long and im pretty sure im not the only one that is still waiting for it. 

Bought it, loved it :)

Bought it, loved it :)

Thank you guys! Peyoso I

Thank you guys!

Peyoso I won't  make you guys pay for Jessica and Michael but it will be out in the first days of May I think. I like to create it too, so don't worry it will be out, just forgive me for making you wait so long.

Don't worry about it.We the

Don't worry about it.
We the fans are always grateful for every free comic that you let us read and of course if we can support your work by buying it we will do it! (well... at least I will haha) 

It's just that when I started reading JnM I loved it!
to the point that I couldnt wait for every new chapter (Imagine my surprise when one year passed away and still there was no new chapter hahah)

Just so you know, you don't need to apologize or anything like that, it's just that I am super excited to read chapter 15 of JnM and I want to see it as fast as I can.

And finally (sorry sometimes I get too excited when I start writing, so I'll try to keep it short) I love the fact that almost all the artists in this website are this nice, most artists woulnd't take the time to answer back to anyone but you guys do.
And if that isn't enough, seeing that even among artists you guys also buys stuff makes this site even more awesome.

So I'll repeat myself, keep it up! Cant wait for more of your work!

ps. ( to: DangerousDave..... I've also been waiting a lot for "just a little bit #4"(-8 )

You know I'm working on the

You know I'm working on the new chapter of JnM right now (just character creation) and it should be ready as scheduled.

Maybe I post an image of Jessica soon but we should move to another thread hehe!

I got to know most of the artists publishing here and they are very good hearted guys!


Thanks again!





Hilook :( please post free

look :( please post free comics if you can :'( i can't BUY them :(( PLEASE

I do plenty of free comics,

I do plenty of free comics, actually I did more free stuff than paid ones. Without paid ones at the moment I can't pay to live (no other job, just support from my family), so if I don't do some paid ones from time to time I can't neither do free ones, I hope this sounds logic to you as well :)


Peyoso: I know, it's been a

Peyoso: I know, it's been a while... Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about "Just a little bit", it will have an update. Eventually. laugh

Thank God!I seriously thought

Thank God!
I seriously thought that we weren't going to see "just a little bit #4"
I also liked attributes a lot, you could make a whole new story based on the premise of "attributes" and people will definitely buy it.

Again im really anxious to see new stuff from both of you guys, KEEP IT UP! And ill try to support you guys as much as i can.


Oh and to "Elektro and

Oh and to "Elektro and milad_baxfa" 

Elektro.... I don't know about that kind of stuff, I think most of the gts lover community are very open minded but dad+daughter ... that just seems like....  too much.
personally I wouldn't like something like that, but who knows, its up to the artist to judge what they would like to make, but what im trying to say here its that we shouldn't push an artist to draw a story exactly as we want it to be, we are just here to make some suggestions cuz telling an artists exactly what to make would be a waste of his/her creativity but well.. that's just my point of view.

just as AlexGTSartist said, most of his stuff is free stuff, so we should be thankful for that, we should also take notice that most of the artists in this website work hard to earn their money, they spend a lot of their time rendering and thinking about new stuff so making some paid stuff is actually fair. besides..... most stuff is at a super duper ultra mega low price so we should buy it if we can if we want to support their hard work, because lets be honest they've earned it.
and one last thing i must say is that i've yet to see a 3dcomic cost more than 10 dollars so dont be cheap and buy the stuff, buying will support them therefore they will make more awesome stuff 
so... you support them and they'll keep making stuff ... its a win/win situation.

if you dont have a credit card you can get a debit card and then subscribe to paypal its super easy and free. (and I know I repeat myself a lot but its worth it ALL THE COMICS ARE ACTUALLY AT A VERY LOW PRICE <you dont have to buy all of them but at least buy the ones that really catch your eye>)

But if you can't get a credit/debit card because you are underage well.... you shouldnt be here in the first place n_n' 

Finally I know I may have some grammatical errors but its hard to think in one language and write it in another! and I know I write a lot but I really want to help the artists in this website I think they are awesome people who deserves as much support as we can give them!

I honestly feel like I got

I honestly feel like I got more than my money's worth with this. I wouldn't mind paying a few dollars more if it were longer =)

Are 022 and 023 supposed to

assortedcaptions (not verified)

Are 022 and 023 supposed to be the same image?

No, you're right! I've fixed

No, you're right! I've fixed the images and you can now redownload the product to get the correct img 22 (you and whoever has this problem as well).

Much better! 

assortedcaptions (not verified)

Much better! wink