Just a little bit - the final chapters (#4,5,6)

Just a little bit - the final chapters (#4,5,6)

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It took me a very long while, but this story is finally complete.

I've been working on this story, on and off, since early 2009 - which is both insane and incredible.
7 years later, and it is, at long last, complete. I can't tell you how big of a relief that is...

In case you've never heard of this story before, here's my best attempt at a tl;dr version:
It's basically a story with over a 1000 images, about a size transfer device which gets out of control. Lots of characters shrink and grow, hilarity (and nakedness) ensues.
The first 800 images were (and still are) free, available in the galleries here on GTS Artists. Following that, there are now also nearly 400 additional images for sale (with much higher quality), divided into 6 chapters:

These were released about 3 years ago:
chapter 1 - Unpredictable results (50 images)
chapter 2 - Size fluctuations (50 images)
chapter 3 - Doing the right thing (70 images)
These were released today:
chapter 4 - A plan for revenge (66 images)
chapter 5 - The cure (66 images)
chapter 6 - The end (83 images)

All available in my shop.

I hope you like it! :)

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I've been waiting for

I've been waiting for soooooooo long!

Glad to hear that, Peyoso! I

Glad to hear that, Peyoso!

I hope you like it :)

I can not pay in Chima,maybe

I can not pay in Chima,maybe I need a good vpn.

Have you tried buying from

Have you tried buying from this link:



If you still have a problem, could you give me more details? Are you using a credit card? what kind of error message are you getting? Have you ever been able to buy anything else online?

I paid but I just got

I paid but I just got chapter#4,where are #5and #6??

That was the link to chapter

That was the link to chapter 4. You need to buy the other 2 seperately.

Chapter 5:


Chapter 6:



Or you can buy all 3 chapters together at a discount:



101810 - I'll send you a mail and we will find a solution.


Strong end bravo! Love your

Strong end bravo! Love your work so much! Any plans for new comics? God bless!

Thanks, rnavirrey! Have you

Thanks, rnavirrey!

Have you read my other comics? 'The dating site', 'Attributes', and 'Filling the ranks'. Also, I made a few freebies recently. you can find it all here:


As for the future, I'll try to find time. Real life has gotten very busy for me lately... :)

Again, thanks for your kind words!