Something In The Water 3 The Wild Ones Collectors Edition

Something In The Water 3 The Wild Ones Collectors Edition

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  • Images: 258
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Something In The Water 3 picks up right where part 2 left off. Jasmines
mysterious size increase leads to even more mysteries. Security at the
laboratory is beefed up, the female security that is. Mary Sue decides to
test her water on the teacher, a flashback to a very angry spouse drinking
the serum and some action at the lab due to a brand new serum. 3 full
clothes ripping, height growth, muscle growth and breast growth scenes, a
slow growth scene and a mini giantess amazon plus short man sex scene.

This chapter includes breast growth, height growth, muscle growth, clothes
ripping, foot growth, ass growth, back growth, displays of strength and
some teacher student intimacy you wont want to miss!

Collectors edition includes 3 bonus images; a 4 stage giantess growth/breast enlargement/clothes ripping transformation sequence starring
Mara from "Juicy Boom Pills" outgrowing a sexy cat burgler outfit, a 3000x3000 pixel 300 DPI POV image of a giantess Mara towering over buildings about to reach down and grab you and a 3 stage FMG growth sequence Irelia from Sizemancer Quest ILLUSTRATED by Hinomars19 in Anime style 3507 X 2904 pixels 300 DPI. Preview of this illustrated image is here:

All characters are 18 or older. All images were rendered widescreen size,
1920x1080. 130 images on 125 pages. Includes 1 sexy style bonus image and
1 preview of Something In The Water 4.

Collectors Editio also has all 130 images on 125 pages, and the 130 images no text version for those who like to flip through the images with no text at all on them. The collectors edition has a grand total of 258 images.

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I just bought it from your

I just bought it from your "blog" it is very good, my only complaint is that the pink shool girl is not growing in this one.

i hope she will in the next issue.

keep up the brilliant work.


My blog?  Or do you mean my


My blog?  Or do you mean my store lol o.o  Thanks for the feedback :)