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    Girls that Grow

    girls that grow
    Donald is a genius first year chemistry student who spends all his nights in a forgotten lab at his college. One night, he is visited and humiliated by Mandy, a girl taller and obviously stronger than him. Donald applies his chemistry knowledge to developing a growth serum for himself. But things don't go as planned...
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    Edge Of Humanity

    Have you ever wanted to let your wild side run free?  Amber didn't plan to, but after being bit by a strange lizard, anytime Amber is hungry, angry or aroused she gets very strong, very large and very wild and takes what she wants!   Amazon size Amber chases her friend William through the forest ripping through trees and vines to have her way with him.  On top of that Am
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    Big Time 2

    Katherines mission has ramped up in difficulty thanks to a growing 75 foot tall muscular giantess! The action continues from where Big Time part 1 left off. Will James and new character Holly be able to save Katherine from Crush in time? And what does the Big Time code do? And more crossover secrets revealed! Who is the boss of Crush? Find out more in Big Time 2! Giantess vs FMG Giantess!
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    GTSV is the story of Diana, a regular college girl who has her life drasticallychanged when two 150 ft tall valkyries come crashing down in front of her. Beaware, this first chapter has no sex but it does have nudity, clothes ripping,
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    Big Time

    Katherine is on a mission to retrieve a mysterious serum, what happens when the crazed enemy soldier by the name of Crush shows up? The danger gets bigger and bigger for Katherine! Also included is The Growing Elf 5 page mini comic.
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