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GTSV is the story of Diana, a regular college girl who has her life drastically
changed when two 150 ft tall valkyries come crashing down in front of her. Be
aware, this first chapter has no sex but it does have nudity, clothes ripping,
slipper bursting, FMG, breast growth, ass growth, mini GTS and 120 ft and 150ft
giantess, and giantess action. Larissa the Valkyrie becomes human size but being
the Valkyrie of the Sea she quickly grows much larger any time water is splashed
on her. Using magic Larissa accidentally shrinks herself shorter than Diana, who
was already short to begin with. Enter Ivy, Diana's roomate who loves tall
muscular women and has many water bottles handy... Growth is caused by being
splashed by water. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2480x3508.
Written by ZZZ, lines by Lunareth, colors by Ashlore. This is in PDF format.

Support GTSV if you want to see additional talented artists drawing giantess, FMG, BE
and growth who prefer to work on no sex comics. And dont worry, there will always
be plenty of sex filled GTS/FMG/BE ZZZ Comics too!

Check out the collectors edition which is 53 pages including full page previews to
upcoming illustrated comics AND 3D comic, and also an additional incredible 3
stage growth sequence illustrated and colored by new upcoming ZZZ Comics artist

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when i get a bamk acount,

when i get a bamk acount, your art work will be one of the first things in the online fetish art work i'll buy.