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    The Unequalizer 2

    Yumiko has become a gigantic amazon while Rob, Sarah and Tiffany have shrunken down to doll size!  What will Yumiko do with them?  What plans does Tiffany have for the Unequalizer?  After some size dominant fun and size swapping, Yumiko, Rob and Sarah's life might be permanently changed, plus a possible new female love interest for Yumiko?!  And what *little* thing does the
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    The dating site

    Plot overview: two female college roommates, one really small and petite, the other a tall amazon, swap heights while out with some guys. The story has two size-change sequences (one growth and one shrinking), featuring transfer between these two women. 152 pages filled with size-swapping sexy situations. Here's a little info about the characters:
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    The Unequalizer Normal Version

    The Unequalizer is the story of Robert, a man who thanks to his foreign exchange student roommate Yumiko,finds a powerful machine capable of exchanging body mass between two living things.  When his best friendSarah is badly injured in a mixed fighting style arena of the UFFMG(Ultimate Female Fighting Machine Global),
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    Just a little bit

    A scientist creates a strange device, which can make women grow.
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    Money & Power

    Steven wants to keep his "little woman" in her place, but the powers that be have other ideas...
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