The Unequalizer Normal Version

The Unequalizer Normal Version

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The Unequalizer is the story of Robert, a man who thanks to his foreign exchange student roommate Yumiko,
finds a powerful machine capable of exchanging body mass between two living things.  When his best friend
Sarah is badly injured in a mixed fighting style arena of the UFFMG(Ultimate Female Fighting Machine Global),
Rob tries to help her by "equalizing" their bodies.  Things go awry when the machine takes and gives more than
it is supposed to...More mischief ensues when everyone gets drunk and more people mess around with the
equalizer, now renamed the Unequalizer.

The Unequalizer is a spin off from Something In The Water and there is some crossover, including a very
familiar blue serum.

The story contains female beauty enhancement, drastic height increase, female muscle growth, male shrinking,
female shrinking, breast growth, foot growth, clothes ripping, short man with tall amazon sex, 2 foot tall man
with 10 foot amazon sexual activities,  2 foot tall woman with 8 foot tall mini giantess sexual activities,
giantess amazon giving and receiving oral and mini giantess givng and receiving oral and amazons fighting.

The size changing ranges from tall woman to very tall amazon to 20' tall. The shrnking is from tall woman to
2' tall woman to 7 inch tall woman, the male shrinking is from tall man to average height man to 2' tall man.
The size changing is caused by the Unequalizer and also by injection of a mysterious blue serum. All
characters are 18 or older.  All images were rendered widescreen size, 1920x1080.
100 images on 85 pages. 1 Bonus image and 6 profile pages are included.  This is the normal version.

Check out the collectors edition for even more bonus stuff! here:

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I'm glad you put a link to

I'm glad you put a link to the collectors edition in the main shop item description.  I bought a couple earlier stories as soon as I saw you'd released them and then kicked myself a few days later when I realized there were collectors versions that weren't linked in the main shop.

Waiting for next parts of

Waiting for next parts of this comics!!