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GTS Artists has Grown!

Yes, we are back on steroids!

During last week both shop and registrations were closed and you already know that, what you don't know is that was a week of hard work for our staff of programmers, designers and testers.
Many of the changes you see are your ideas! We read every mail with your constructive feedback and we have some new great features to present you!


First af all a new server!

We didn't expected so many people to come here and join us when the site opened some months ago and such high traffic caused the old server to run slow and crash sometime, some of you were having problems downloading products. That's why we decided to move to a new faster server!
Loading pages and galleries should be much faster now!

Brand New Blogging system!

Many artists asked for a place where to write about their works and keep in touch with the community: now they can!
As you can see there is a new "blog" link in the top menu, every artist has now a personal blog that can use freely to keep his fans up to date about their awesome works or anything he wants.

New comment System!

Everyone can comment now, you can leave your comments in the blog, say what you think about a gallery or an artwork in the shop, you now have a closer connection with your favourite artists. Let's share our thoughts!

Brand New Giantess rating system!


What is this!? Oh.. let me explain! It is a fun way to say how gigantic awesome something is! Is that gallery  full of great giantess content? Vote it and make it grow!

New download notification!

I just purchased that awesome story but I can't find where it is, how can I download it? Where is the link? Ok no problem, just log in with your account and you will get an istant notification if you have new artworks in your files library on top of the site and download it right from there. And if you wanna browse your purchased files library there is now a link  in the top sliding menu.

New gallery system!

Oh yes finally, our tech staff worked really hard on this, we used to have  galleries split into several pages, how boring was to change page every 10 pictures? But that's the past, we can now browse literally HUNDREDS of images on the fly, we tested it with more than 500 pictures, all on the same page. You can zoom it, control it with your keyboard and more! This is high level stuff!! (our programmer just asked me to say that...).


And many more little tweaks and big changes awaits you! So enough reading and enjoy our renewed Giantess Site... on steroids!

Alex, do you mind disclosing

Alex, do you mind disclosing programmers contact details in case I ever need a good programmer? :)

if you click on the bottom

if you click on the bottom right of the site you get to them :)

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