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Site full operating again!

Registrations and Shop are open again, enjoy cool

I noticed that I can't see

I noticed that I can't see any images in any of the galleries anymore. I was just wondering if this was a problem specific to me and my computer or if others were experiencing this problem as well. The galleries were all working fine until a couple of days ago, and now there are no pictures showing up in any of them. If you can think of any reason why this is happening, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

Arokh maybe your browser has

Arokh maybe your browser has some old cached page content in it. Try hitting ctrl+f5 on a gallery you can't see, that should solve your problem, if not let me know!

yeah I'm having the same

yeah I'm having the same problem as Arokh, ctrl  plus f5 doesn't work for me :/

Could you guys give us some

Could you guys give us some more information about the issue?

  1. What browser are you on?
  2. Do you see the spinning icon or nothing at all?
  3. Does the image counter indicates anything or is it stuck at "-/0"?

Thank you and please continue reporting any issue you have while browsing GTS Artists!

The fabolous admin is here!

We found a random bug

We found a random bug preventing images in galleries being counted sometime, the bug was more evident in Opera browsers but almost every browser was randomly affected. We made some optimization and the bug should be gone. Let me know if anything changed for you.

Be sure to clear your browser cache and thank you for helping us making a better site! yes

The fabolous admin is here!

The galleries are working

The galleries are working again for me, so I think whatever you did worked. Just in case though, I am using Firefox 3.6.26 and there was nothing at all appearing between the two red horizontal lines on the page except for a thin grey-black line. Hope this helps you determine whether I was experiencing the bug you fixed or some other glitch. Again, the galleries work fine for me now and thanks for all of your help.

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