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New Artist in the works!

So hey I'm a new artist here at GTS artists.  I plan on becoming more active in the community and posting works and you know, stuff like that.  I've currently got a comic in the works ((Which I will save the details for right now)) that I plan to sell, but obviously you wouldn't buy from someone you're not aware of how good they are, right?  So to start off getting some works onto this site, I want to open some temporary requests for you giantess fans out there!  So without further confusion, requests are open!  Make sure to leave a semi-detailed description as to what you want!  I will be chosing the best story!

((also an example of what my works will look like is in the thumbnail.  It's not the full size, but it's a basic representation of it))

I like story about shrinking

I like story about shrinking teacher with tall hot sexy girls school (shrink teacher to 4 feet not less)

or story about little short skinny babysitter  (older boy) with taller bigger stronger babysit (teen girl)


Thank you for making us choose what we want

Abrar, should I assume that

Abrar, should I assume that teacher shrinks no more than 4 feet or what?

 I mean I like to see

 I mean I like to see tall teacher 6 feet 4 shrink to 5 feet 2 inches or 4 feet 2 inches but  don't  smaller like 3 feet or 2 feet So that has girls school can  dominated him, I hope you understand what I mean, sorry about my bad English thank you again

sexual growth with b.e. is

sexual growth with b.e. is cool

Welcome aboard,

Welcome aboard, Desireable_Flames!  Based on the thumbnail, it's safe to say your art style should bring a refreshing change and variety to the table.  I can't wait to see it put to use!


how about a pettite and flat

how about a pettite and flat student mok by a blonde huge breasted girl, develop a pill to grow tits, ass and high to get more attention and becomes the biggest around til the blonde finds out and take the pill and become a mini-gts with humongus tits and big ass... 

i hope you understand english is not my native language.

Mini-GTS, BE, AE.

I like begiantessfan's, and

I like begiantessfan's, and would like to add on the piece of the story where not just the the blonde grows but her clique too. It will have the flat chested girl versus at least three other giantess.

Like the addition, and maybe

Like the addition, and maybe they could have another dose... wink

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