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Alex GTS Patreon Page

Hi guys,

Recently I started my Patreon page (link), you can get a lot for a very low pledge. Patreon is a place where you support the works you like and you can receive works and exclusive stories for your support.

I update the page with new content every month and there is also an exclusive story:

GTS Artists 2nd Birthday!

Hi guys,

this is the 2nd year GTS Artists is online! Thanks everybody for your daily numerous presence and thanks also to all the artists that have contributed so far with their awesome works (in registration order):  tetsu, DangerousDave, btmbguy, dragoon, jesterbryanc, Liuti, Aclysm, ZZZ, Snotling, Berggie and Nyom.

Shop, Newsletter and Banners

Hi guys,as you already figured out the shop has a technical stop. Every artist (but snotling) now opened a personal shop to bypass this problem and to let you buy their worksEverything is still listed here and you can access their shop by browsing from

Newsletter Important Info

Hi guys,

I hope you are enjoying the latest newsletter that is still being delivered, so whoever didn’t receive yet don’t panic: you will get it eventually!

If you don’t see it always remember to check your spam folder, junk mail or whatever it is called.

The Newsletter of your Dreams

Would you like to get exclusive giantess content for free? Exclusive images and stories never seen before created by our giantess artists! Now you can enjoy them in our brand new ‘Mini Giantess Magazine’ coming out with our first newsletter starting from July the 1st !

Maintenance scheduled on Tuesday

Site will be down on Tuesday March 27th  for maintenance, it could stay down for a couple of hours and up to 12-18 hours.Thanks for your patience!

Site full operating again!

Registrations and Shop are open again, enjoy

Shop and Registrations closed for a few hours

Be patient a few hours or maybe a day, we are fixing something and we need to stop for a while registrations and shop.

In the next few hours maybe the whole site could go under maintenance for a while.



Alex GTS Artist

GTS Artists has Grown!

Yes, we are back on steroids!

During last week both shop and registrations were closed and you already know that, what you don't know is that was a week of hard work for our staff of programmers, designers and testers.

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